Billie - Laura Casas.CR2

She is the baby in the family but one of a kind. Ever since her siblings moved out to new homes, Billie found herself exploring beyond her room and has even found some pretty neat spaces to take her daily naps. She was a little scared at first stepping out of her room because of the bigger cats in the house. But now, after a week of being the only kitten, she was able to build on her independence and has claimed her own spot in the living room couch as her designated napping spot.

IMG_7774 (1) - Meghan Beck.jpg

Our rescue kitty Blu spent her first months with us hiding under the bed. The world had been cruel and Blu was anxious and shy. She didn't know if it was safe to be herself with us. Our home is patient and kind and look at our girl now! Blu came out a few weeks ago and oh my! She had us at meow. Blu is playful and fierce. She brings us joy and we are lucky to celebrate who she is. We love Blu because of, not in spite of, her alley cat past. Blu enjoys chasing flies and listening to records. On the occasional Friday night, Blu gets into the nip and shares her story with other neighborhood mousers. She always ends with, 'LOVE IS LOVE!' Yes it is Blu! And we believe love wins.

Cynamon - Laura Casas.jpg

Cinnamon is a very confidant cat when it comes to meeting new people. He has a way of captivating them with his adorable rolls and stretches and has literally won followers in the neighborhood. He has even created a cute bond with a toddler who lives near by. When the toddler's mommy takes him on a stroll, they never fail to stop by our house for a little show from Cinnamon. He is a very special kitty and his kindness to people makes us proud.

PXL_20210416_220341051.PORTRAIT - Sami S

Fernando came to us from Woods after being hit by a car. He had a femoral head ostectomy and is healing well, but has more to do. He and his new bro Mookie love to romp around and they fill our hearts with joy.

9FF2063C-9023-4199-97E9-F00E2C639548 - B

Garbanzo is an 8-week old kitten who spends their days napping and running around, in that order. Banzo is extremely friendly and loves to meet new people, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be chosen for their next napping spot!

Garbanzo Bean
IsaBella Pride - Julie Oh.jpg

Isabella is 4 years young, born November 28, 2016 (estimate). This precious lady was born with Radial Hypoplasia (twisty arms) and a very rare, very serious 4-part heart defect called Tetrology of Fallot. She was found abandoned in a field and taken to SLO Animal Services. She was then rescued by Woods Humane Society which is when I first saw this beauty on their website. She was in my heart at first glance and so I adopted her and brought her to her forever home. She is exercise intolerant, although she loves to play. When she does play or run, or even eat, she has to take many breaks and lays on her side to regulate her heart for 3-4 minutes, sometimes longer. It is painful to watch her struggle to breathe, but I stay present with her and always sing softly to her ("Go Lassie, Go") during these times. It seems to comfort her in her distress and difficulty breathing because her li'l tail wags when I sing. (Albeit, it could be an annoyance wag from hearing my voice, lol). This little lady is a fighter and her prognosis was very, very poor. Cats with Tetrology of Fallot generally don't live past a year and a half. Isabella will be 5 in November! Ahhh, the power of love! She is very independent, playful, feisty and highly loveable and loving when she's in the mood to be loving, lol. Stands often on her hind legs for long periods of time like a Meerkat. She sleeps in a ball near my legs every night and is such a comfort for me.Isabella's favorite toys are the motion mouse, laser light and the butterfly spinner. She likes girl cats and is very picky about boy cats and will swipe at anyone giving her any problems! She has five siblings, 4 others with special needs.

JackJack - Laura Casas.jpg

He is a very interactive cat who knows how to play fetch and gets really excited when you pull out the yoga blanket. He will sometimes do this adorable pose on anything he finds to lay on but he especially likes the yoga mat.

Jack Jack
5CEA4B21-CB8E-45EF-84FE-E0030A6ED50A - E

Jasmine is 11 years old and the most sweet, cuddley, and friendly girl with the softest fur you will ever feel. Despite her size, she enjoys catching mice and lizards in her free time. She also likes to boss around the dogs in the house!

Kallie Pride Nan's - Kassi Dee.jpg

Hi! My name is Kallie and I live here at Nan's Pre-Owned Books in Grover Beach! I'm 14-years-old and I LOVE people! I love to lay around and wait for people to come up and pet me. My favorite thing to do is follow the customers around until I catch their attention. Living in a bookstore is so much fun because I get to relax in peace and quiet - and so many friends come in to see me! I also get to meet new friends all the time. Happy Pride, SLO County! 

IMG-2824 - Michelle Call.jpg

Lil Kaylee lives in San Luis Obispo right next to a tree where several annoying ravens have built a nest. She spends her days hissing at them and awaiting the fresh torment of babies. She loves to attack feet under quilts and can generally be found curled up on the lap of whomever is attending a Zoom meeting at the time.

Lil Kaylee
Grey - Laura Casas.jpg

She is the oldest in the family but is also one of the tiniest. None the less she is the most respected cat who has finally started liking being indoors. For a very long time she has enjoyed the outdoors like no other cat in the family, bringing interesting gifts to show off to her kids. Now she really likes taking naps at home.

Mama Grey
Maverick - Melanie Reese Senn.jpeg

"You can't muzzle a maverick," explains This is Maverick; she embodies her name. She might purr when you pet her; she might bite, so careful. She comes and goes as she pleases, but she'll sit on your lap all day if you let her. Don't try to confine her and she'll always come home. 

Mister Gato - Ella Mahood.jpg

Mister Gato is an eligible bachelor looking for a boyfriend amidst this plague. He spends a lot of time in the closet, but is the most majestic entity when he comes out and takes his sunbeam spotlight. Afraid of everything except consequence, his love may be earned through treats and soft headbutts. He screams often, for which we can only guess are royal proclamations of equality. You can find him looking over his domain while perched at the window or strewn across his owner's lap.

Mister Gato
photofunny.net_ - Sami Schermerhorn.jpg

Mookie is a wild and crazy cat with lots of love to share. He joined our family from Woods, and brings joy to our everyday. He takes great pleasure in eating my houseplants.

IMG_4387 - Samuel Byrd.JPG

Percy Jackson is our cultural influencer in the Cal Poly Pride Center. This 6.5-year-old gay flame-point Siamese, originally named "Elton," is from the streets of San Francisco, and boy does he love screen time. He regularly loves joining in on zoom calls with students, holding photoshoots for the @calpolypridecenter Instagram, or strutting around in his cat drag after sneaking into his owner's drag closet (where he isn’t supposed to be). He likes to spend his day sleeping in the bathroom sink, birdwatching from his perch, or watching cat TV on YouTube. He has spent several years in behavioral training and loves to do tricks. He can even use the human toilet (but nevertheless he will still destroy your toilet paper so watch out for that COVID hoard). He is particularly a fan of Temptation treats, the fishing pole feather toy, and seaweed. Fun Fact- He doesn't have one of his hips, but that doesn't slow him down. This blue-eyed lightning thief is never afraid to steal your thunder (or your heart). Follow him with the hashtag #PridefulPercy

Percy Jackson
20210513_123332 - Aimy Franco.jpg

Sasha says gay rights are comfy!

EABC8700-D804-4B38-8D14-90C5ED96AC25 - A

Smokey, also known as Cheeky, is a two year old gray kitty. He is named after a gray street cat from his parents hometown. Smokey is distinguished, smart, and playful. He likes his personal space, but always likes to be sitting near his mom and dad and tolerates being carried around like a baby. He enjoys biting plastic, staring contemplatively out the window, and sitting on folded laundry. 

7F8AE188-3F7A-473E-A4B8-B0724919B847 - J

Snape is a 9 year old rescued cat and a SLO native. He is the middle child in a group of three siblings. His nicknames are Snape-A-Roonie and King of The Castle. In his free time, Snape loves looking at birds from the living room window, making biscuits, and sunbathing. His favorite things are playing with his toys, running up and down the stairs, and snuggling. If you give him treats, he will love you forever.

F1F953FB-3534-449A-9B4E-4AA1BEA792E8 - E

A sassy and a playful cat that loves his treats. He knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it. He enjoys the zoomies and his catnip!

tiger - Laura Casas.jpg

He loves windows and mostly to say hi everyday.

Tom Pride 2 - Julie Oh.jpg

Tom Bombadil ("Tommy") is about 8 years old and I adopted him from Animal Services this last November. He was an owner surrender.Tommy is a polydactyl boy which means he has thumbs on his paws! Very adorable. Tommy doesn't always like to go in the litterboxes and so there are many pee-pads around the house where he likes to go that get changed often. I tried diapers with him, but he won't have it, lol. He is so loving on a constant basis and always wants to smoosh into me wherever I am. When I sleep, he tries to lay across my face, head, body; a very connecting kinda guy! He is constantly reaching out with his paw to his siblings and to me. Tommy's favorite toys are: Everything and anything! A very content boy.

IMG_9881 - Katherine Soule.HEIC

Willow is 22 months young. She loves playing fetch, snuggling on her favorite rainbow wool blanket, and chirping at birds through the window.




B513979E-832B-416F-B88D-D461CED2A290 - K

Abigail is 8 years old. She was adopted from San Luis Obispo animal services in 2013, and has been the light of her mom’s life since the moment she jumped up on her lap at the shelter. She is a silly girl with a bit of a sassy attitude. She loves to hang out with her moms and her kitty brothers at home. Her favorite hobbies include lounging, napping, snacking, and playing with her toys. Her favorite foods are green beans and lettuce. She loves to be the center of attention and will not pass up the opportunity for kisses or snuggles. 

Akira - Laura Casas.jpg

Akira is a two year old husky but everyone thinks she is very small for a husky. She is a very friendly and loving dog who will enjoy every second of playtime with you.

SnowshoeKandBabeKiss - K Lynch.jpg


9EFE1CA9-D586-4E0B-A68C-EE6962135B9F - r

Chance is a 6 month old pup, how has a lot of sass in her little body! She runs and jumps all over her big sister and loves to so you how sweet she is even when she has energy. She is a little cuddle bug.

7C38CDF7-6AD1-40E3-BA20-B5D1867F6C4F - M

Charlie is a Slo-cal (local) 4 year old mixed breed adopted from the local Woods Humane Society by his parents Andrew and Meredith. He LOVES chasing and playing with the big dogs at the Laguna lake dog park & equally loves playing fetch with any tennis ball he can find!

44EB2330-78CE-4367-BFDD-3B1411D7A16B - l

My name is Coco. I love to go on walks and lay in the grass and if I don’t find grass I toss in the mud; I’m not picky. I tend to pee when ever I am excited to see my family , even if they are only gone for 5 minutes. I am energetic and a tiny bit sassy but everyone loves me anyway!

0D7F4A01-1F1E-47BB-859F-90335B84D3D3 - L

Dodge (he/him) is a spunky 11 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund who loves long walks and basking in the sunshine! He spent months at Woods Humane Society before getting adopted by his two mommies. Dodge has a strong bark and proudly protects his rainbow home - but don’t worry! He’s really a toothless wonderdog who just wants belly rubs and treats!

PXL_20210511_025356117.PORTRAIT~2 - Sarr

Dorothy (she/her) was rescued from a field where she was left abandoned. She fell into my life and has rescued me ever since. She is my love, my strength, and I'm grateful for her every day! I love my sassy girl! 

93DC7A7B-14E0-4A32-97AB-A177677EA93E - K

Duchess was born February 13th 2021. She is full of playful energy and love! 

hank  - Lindsey Haring.jpg

Hank is a nine year old lab who has nothing but love for everyone he meets. His best friend is our youngest child, a four year old boy named Dean. Anyone who knows these two can tell you that they are inseparable, even more so after the pandemic. The bond and love that they share is a gift on good and hard days; it can mend our weary hearts or make a happy moment even sweeter. 

00ACD703-D7F5-4CDE-9F4E-9F4981A5194E - M

Hi, I’m Harriet! A fun-loving puppy who enjoys running, playing and supporting people’s dreams! I’m a big ally and love to strut my PRIDE all year long. Take a look at my new bandana that I’ll be sporting this summer!

90A9FA91-A90D-4C4F-8AE0-C7F4C1DAEAAE - A

Leo is a super lively golden doodle who loves people and is scared of other dogs. He is a large 5 foot 1 lion-esque looking puppy, (currently only 10 months old), and he will automatically become friends with any new person. He loves biting and hates peanut butter, and despises when he's clean. He's also very opinionated and very much has a personality of his own. 

ADF6A8C1-DB06-4326-8F11-EAAC6F29EDAD - H

Luna aka Lunie toons is an adoptee, Capricorn Sun. They enjoy long walks on the beach, gallivanting in the vineyards with mom, and mushing rollerskaters. If you’re lucky they may just give you a howl ;3 

2021-05-13-14-16-02 - Shell Voorhees.jpg

Maggie Moo Pie was born in Fresno, CA. She is seven years old. She moved to Morro Bay three years ago. She is very proud of her Mommies and their new business, The Ugly Mug Ceramics.

Maggie Moo Pie
image1 - Pride Vendor.jpeg

Moana (she/ella) is a Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) who was born in Modesto and lives in Santa Maria. She loves taking her walks every day and visiting with new friends at the dog park. When Moana's at home, she is usually playing with her cat brother, Tigro, or lounging with her cat sister, Nina. Moana earned her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification from Petco in Santa Barbara. Her favorite foods are seafood treats, tangerines, and berries.

IMG_6125 - Christine Seely.jpg

Graced by the Gods themselves, Odin is mighty - in fur. He loves everyone and is always willing to cuddle those who need love. His goofiness is as big as his floofy coat. He knows that different is beautiful with his multi colored eyes and is a proud ally and friend to all!

5EDE6294-A844-48E6-B07D-DEBF0BC94775 - M

Stitch is a six year old Weimaraner that loves car rides, running on the beach, and babysitting all the kids in the neighborhood. She also loves to play dress up. 

Zelda Pride Photo - Mary Ishikawa.jpg

Zelda is a proud Pride supporter and participant. She can be found at SLO Pride, 5 Cities Pride, & Santa Maria Pride where this photo was taken. She wears the rainbow with PRIDE and loves everyone she meets. She is a 3 year old Aussie mini Labradoodle. Unique in her copper and cream "party" coloring. Zelda came to live with Mary from Odie by way of Ryan Duclos who said at a Pride planning meeting "You really need a dog"! And he was right!



E26CDCCB-0B5F-4E5D-8516-9F3AADF56F34 - R

Biscotti is a two year old, sassy Holland Lop queen from San Luis Obispo

Duncan Photo - Daisy Rojas.heic

Duncan is a 2 year old bunny who we adopted from our local no kill animal shelter almost 2 years ago. I had volunteered at the shelter for some time now and knew that bunnies were not as likely to be adopted as cats or dogs, so we took on the challenge. He was not keen to human affection but has since grown out of it and loves being pet. Being in a household with all girls, he's grown accustomed to being dressed up in dresses and has become quite the model. 

NadjaO'Leary - Robyn O'Leary.jpg

I got Nadja one year ago today (May 16) from the Turtle and Tortoise Rescue in Arroyo Grande. She is a bearded dragon, extremely intelligent, and very loving. Nadja likes hornworms, cat doors, sunshine, swimming in her bath, and being with me. Whenever I bring Nadja out in public we get a lot of attention because she is so unusual and colorful. This last year having to do school via Zoom it was really helpful to have Nadja for company. She came with me to all my classes (she's currently getting an A in American Sign Language). I hope one day that Nadja will be my roommate in college.

24433F29-4EDA-42E5-968A-45526964C072 - M

This is Oreo! He is almost one years old! He loves to run around my room and eat the crumbs off my floor. He never bites and is the sweetest little pet❤️

20210514_191734 - Michelle Mansker.jpg

My name is Cheeto, I'm a 3 year old bearded dragon. My hobbies include basking in the sun (or under my heat lamp, eating worms, throwing veggies around my house, scaring my chihuahua siblings, and hanging out with my human. 

Princess Cheeto
IMG_20210416_095049_257 - Alexis Montgom

0E47D075-3C73-4CDE-BAF3-568A3882004C - J

4 month old male Lovebird native to Africa 



IMG_3314 - Pride Vendor.JPG

Gudetama is a beloved character well known for their lazy disposition. It is confirmed that the egg has no gender (or all) which is why I have them holding the agender and non-binary flags! This plushie was a gift from dad and brings chill vibes to my living space.

United Babies - Sophia Escalona.png

United Babies scientific name is "Pilea depresa 'Baby Tears'", but we thought this name was fitting because two Baby Yodas live within the lush greens of pilea depresa. Both the Baby Yodas and United Babies live in a symbiotic relationship with one another, the Baby Yodas provides happiness and entertainment for the plant, while the plant provides a welcoming home and lush soils for the Yodas to explore. Both the Baby Yodas and the plant hope to show the world that we can all be more united if we just look at how we can all work together to create a better world. 

United Babies