GALA The Gay And Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast
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San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: 805-541-4252

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Opportunities for Sponsors & Volunteers

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast is in constant need of volunteer support and financial contribution. The pride week celebration presents a unique opportunity for a large number of community members and professional sponsors to step up to the plate and support our local gay, lesbian and transgender community.

Contribute Money

If you are interested in sponsoring any part of this year’s pride celebration, we could very much use your financial support. The ambitious calendar of events and aggressive advertising program is certain to deliver exposure that is commensurate with your contribution. For more information on how we can work together, contact us. We ask our entire community to please support our sponsors!

Contribute Time

To share your interest in volunteering for Pride, or for any of our regular volunteer opportunitiess, complete the brief online volunteer application.

Currently, we have identified the following volunteer needs for Pride Week:

Event Help
Plaza Security
2 hour shift as a security coordinator at Pride in the Plaza. Brief meeting sometime the week before pride to go over details. You will receive a free t-shirt.
Event Help
Plaza Setup & Teardown
Anytime between 8am-noon on Pride Sunday, the earlier the better. 5:30pm to 6:30pm cleanup @ Pride in the Plaza.
Event Help
Kids (Big & Little) Play Area
Work with kids monitoring the bounce house or coordinating arts/crafts for them, or help run one of the big kids games such as a dunk tank, velcro wall, and sumo suits.

Our regular volunteer opportunities include:

Librarian Places catalog numbers and book pockets on books. Enters books into a computer file. Shelves books and magazines. Contacts members with overdue books.
Event Coordinator Coordinates all facets of an event and supervises other volunteers.
Event Staff Is in charge of one or more facets of an event, and may supervise other volunteers.
Special Events Help Performs a variety of tasks depending on the event.
Computer Helps to maintain the various computer based programs such as the website, email, logs etc. NOT TO INCLUDE MEMBERSHIP LIST.
Clerical Performs a variety of office functions which could include filing, data entry, word processing etc.
Reception Answers the telephone and greets visitors. This could include hours when the coordinator is not at the center so that the center could be open for additional hours.
Canvassing/Fundraising This could vary, but might include such things as follow-up on membership renewals and newsletter ad payments, and solicitation of new business for the newsletter.
Grant Writing Helps with finding and writing proposals for grants.
Transportation Provides transportation for those in need (people who cannot drive, don’t have cars…) such as trips to doctors, markets, meetings, etc.
Speakers Bureau Speaks on GLBT issues to various groups and organizations as required.
Buddy Program Provides assistance/companionship to homebound persons. This would most likely consist of an hour or two every week or two.
Phone Tree Alert Helps in calling members for a special activity that requires immediate action.
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